Shenzhen is the first multi-terminalResponsive design innovator

Focus images to create a page layout size should be relatively intelligent layout based on user behavior and use of the device

Shenzhen is the first multi-terminal

A person to pay, the whole family to share

I use the home edition broadband

Five people sharing, the traffic is not limited/call < br > Give a maximum of four tickets vice card + the deputy provincial each dial the free < br > 100 m broadband aurora super clear TV 2 years + 4 k < br > Handing out $480 phone bill, up to five people share less than 40 yuan per capita

Unlimited willful hi # # flowUnlimited personal version of the package

Starting the unlimited
Speech 100 minutes + domestic traffic to use = 68 yuan/month
Speech 300 minutes + domestic traffic to use = 108 yuan/month
Speech 500 minutes + domestic traffic to use = 138 yuan/month
Speech 1000 minutes + domestic traffic to use = 198 yuan/month

Comprehensive layout, responsive layout, a variety of terminal equipment identification


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